Dutch 11th Supply Battalion, Air Mobile Brigade

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The exercise that takes place in this video is led by the soldiers of the 11th Air Mobile Brigade. The unit involved in the sling actions on the Ginkelse Heide is the 11th Supply Company Airmobile. The Chinook belongs to the 298 Squadron from Gilze-Rijen and is part of the Defense Helicopter Command (DHC). The history of the 11th Supply Company Airmobile (11 Bevocie) started in the second half of the 1960s. In 1965, it was decided to make the readiness brigades, which had been formed in the early 1960s, autonomous. The logistics resources at division level such as the Division Intendance Company, the Division Technical Service Battalion and the Division Transport Battalion were divided over the brigades. For example, the 11 Armored Infantry Brigade (11 Painfbrig) received the 11 Supply Company (11 Bevocie), the 11 Recovery Company (11 Hrstcie) and the 11 Medical Company (11 Gnkcie) in the organization. These three units were grouped in the 11 Train Battalion (11 TN-bat) on April 1, 1966. This battalion was disbanded in 1968 by the transition from the division troops to the army corps level. In 1984, the staff of the 11 TN-bat was dissolved, after which the 11 Bevocie, the 11 Hrstcie and the 11 Gnkcie came directly under the command of the commander of the 11 Painfbrig. From 1993, 11 Painfbrig was converted into the 11 Airmobile Brigade (11 LMB), which also changed the task, working method and organization of the logistics units. With the introduction of the physical distribution process within the Army between 2005 and 2007 and the associated vehicles (swap bodies) and lifting equipment, the supply process within the other brigades changed. As a result, the Bevocie units were removed from these units. Only the 11 LMB retained its logistical independence and with that, the 11 Bevocie Lumbl is the only existing Bevocie in the Army nowadays. The 11 Bevocie Air Mobile consists of 3 Supply platoons, a Logistics platoon, the Store Group and a Compagnie staff.

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