NH90 NFH Caiman – ВВС Бельгии

автор Alex van Noye
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Информация о ЛА

Производитель: NH Industries
Тип летательного аппарата: NH90 NFH Caiman [Все]
Государственная принадлежность: Бельгия
Оператор: Belgian Air Force
Бортовой номер: RN01
Серийный номер: 1040/NBEN01

Условия съемки

Место съемки – аэродром: Koksijde
Место съемки – страна: Бельгия
Дата съемки: 14-06-2016
Камера: Nikon D600
Объектив: Nikon 70-200mm

Автор: Alex van Noye
Комментарии автора: A tribute to the Sea-King and Koksijde rescue. This guy is the commander of the Belgian 40 Smaldeel (40 Squadron). He flew more than 100 scrambles with the Sea-King as the commander of the helicopter. Now he will continue the mission flying the NH90. He told me stories during the interview in which he had to choose to leave people behind who drowned later. The helicopter had to return due to low fuel; his meter was already far in the red zone. The life of a SAR pilot is about choices between life and dead.

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