NH90 NFH Caiman – ВВС Бельгии

автор Alex van Noye
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Информация о ЛА

Производитель: NH Industries
Тип летательного аппарата: NH90 NFH Caiman [Все]
Государственная принадлежность: Бельгия
Оператор: Belgian Air Force
Бортовой номер: RN01
Серийный номер: 1040/NBEN01

Условия съемки

Место съемки – аэродром: Koksijde
Место съемки – страна: Бельгия
Дата съемки: 14-06-2016
Камера: Nikon D600
Объектив: Nikon 70-200mm

Автор: Alex van Noye
Комментарии автора: A tribute to the Sea-King and Koksijde rescue. The guy on this photo is already for more than 15 years a rescue diver. He flew many scramble with the Sea-King. Nowadays he continues on the NH90 which is the successor of the Sea-King. He told me the story that he had to choose between 5 people on a sinking fishing boat while could only safe 2 of them. He told me that he just choose the ones with the largest chance to survive; the sea too the other three. He pinpointed that you have to be very clear of mind to become a rescue swimmer. You need to make the toughest choices under harsh conditions between life and death of people. This guy is a real professional and to my opinion also a hero. But this last part is not what he thinks about himself!

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Дмитрий Срибный
Дмитрий Срибный 22.03.2019 - 11:12

nice shot, Alex. respect to man like that!

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